Lesson Plan - Fine Arts



Looking at Lines


Beth Ann Bryant-Richards

Grade Levels: 3-12



This lesson will help develop

and promote an awareness of a nontraditional art process. This lesson will show students a process for making a picture with glue and colored chalk. They can   landscape, a still life, a self-portrait or anything else. By giving students the process, they can exercise autonomy with the outcome. Students love process. A process is a unique way of producing a visual image that is not just drawing or painting directly on paper. This project involves drawing an image first using a pencil and using school glue, then using colored chalk to apply color. The resulting compositions form interesting textures and uses of color and contrast.



black or dark construction paper


school glue

colored chalk



-Sketch an image on the black paper using an ordinary pencil.

-Trace over the pencil lines with school glue using a squeeze bottle

It is better to pull the gluespray fixative bottle toward you than to push it away from you.

-Put the image in a safe place to dry(usually for 24 hours).-After the glue dries, fill in the areas formed by the glue lines with colored chalk. Try to use the chalk so that it shows up in high contrast.

-Spray the finished picture so that it does not smudge.


List of Content Area Overlaps: (check all that apply)

Science (draw an animal or a cell)

Language Arts (draw an image to go with a story or poem)

Vocabulary (line, color, contrast)

Writing (draw an image to go with a story or poem you have written)

Social Studies (draw a place you are studying about)

Music (draw an instrument)



Individual, Class, Community Connections:

Encourage students to make a landscape of the classroom, their neighborhood park, or a place in the city that they like to go.



The glue lines of each project should stand up above the surface of the paper so that the colors do not completely fill in the areas that they define. Colors should be bright and varied. Determine if the students attempted to do more than the minimum requirements.



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